Welcome to Navigator 

Synth Rock from Charlottesville, VA 

We all long for simpler times. We want to go back to when the summers were longer, drives were slower, and friendships were deeper. It’s the feeling you get when you watch a classic movie or an old cartoon. It’s the way you love the box of belongings in the attic. It’s in the look you give your old crush in the polaroid picture in your memory box. None of these things were timeless, but your memories and connection to them are. 

Navigator wants to capture that with music. Using sounds that are reminiscent of prior days combined with progressive production and lyricism, the songs remind you of where you’ve been while meeting you where you are. It’s music meant for your heart. It’s music meant for the drive.

The band is comprised of singer/songwriter Dave Herring, with Ryan Buglia, James Lundquist, Nic Dampier, and Travis Felker.